Rates and Policy

Guest Option

A charming lakefront getaway with master suite, 3-piece ensuite privilege + jacuzzi, great room loft and long single driveway, Romantic Log Cabin offers rates based on an occupancy of 1 to 4 people.

In the event that you are reserving a 1 - 2 week stay or longer, the cabin can accommodate sleeping for up to 6 with master king, loft double + 2 great room single couches. You have the option of inviting 1 or 2 overnight guests (family/friends) per week for your maximum cabin occupancy of 4 + 2 guests per week / total of 3 parking spots tandem by calculating a guest option rate of $100.00 per guest per week.

Giving you piece of mind & flexibility, guest option is ideal if you would like to invite 1 or 2 family/friends for the day(s) and know that you can offer them a place to sleep if it is late or if the weather turns less than desirable for driving home-- or if you are just not sure who may or may not be able to visit or when (or for how long) they can join you during your stay.

Invited guest(s) planning to join you may stay with you for any part of your weekly stay with the maximum cabin occupancy, including 1 or 2 family/friend guests & no pets, not exceeding 6 people / driveway parking maximum 3 vehicles tandem (in line one behind another).

One month prior to your stay, your guest option (no guest, 1 guest or 2 guests) is confirmed/option non-refundable when your reservation balance due (total owing less your booking deposit) is paid in full by charge to your credit card (or by bank draft/certified cheque payment/e-Transfer), as follows:

Jun 15 - Sep 15 (high season available by week(s) only)

No Guests$2200/wk(1-4 person max)
+1 Option$2300/wk(max 5 person)4
+2 Option$2400/wk(max 6 person)

Sep 16 - Jun 14

No Guests$1100/wk(1-4 person max)
+1 Option$1200/wk(max 5 person)4
+2 Option$1300/wk(max 6 person)

Sep 16 - Jun 14 (stays under a week)

No Guests$333/night(for 4 to 6 night stay)3
+1 Option+ $50/night(max 5 person)2
+2 Option+ $100/night(max 6 person)2



Reservations are guaranteed and confirmed with a deposit at time of booking using Visa or Mastercard (via PayPal), Bank Draft, Certified Cheque, or by INTERAC e-Transfer within Canada (Canadian citizen via Canadian bank.)

We require a $500 deposit for reservations of one week or more. Your final installment has to be made at least one month prior to your arrival. For weekend reservations, we require the full amount at the time of booking. Proof of personal liability insurance may be required.

Booked through our reservation request form? We will contact you to confirm your reservation and ask you for your deposit.5

Cancellation Policy

Deadline for cancelling your reservation is 60 days prior to your scheduled arrival date. Failure to cancel on time means forfeiture of your deposit.

For reservations of less than a week, cancellations are required 14 days prior to your arrival date. Otherwise your payment will be forfeited.

Check In/Check Out

Early Departure
In the event of an early departure half the regular rate will be charged on the remaining period.

Pets & Smoking

Pets - We love them but regret that we cannot allow them to visit.


No smoking inside the cottage. Smoking is permitted outside on the porches and patio only.


1"No Guest" occupancy is 1 to a total of 4 people / driveway parking maximum 3 vehicles tandem.
2Guest option is also available on all off season less than 1 week reservations by adding a guest option rate of $50.00 per guest (to a maximum of 2 guests).
3"No Guest" rate is $333.00 per night (for 4 to 6 night stays, calculate using weekly for best rate).
4If you are inviting 1 guest + 1 guest later and know that the dates of their individual visits joining you do not overlap (i.e., overnight cabin occupancy will not exceed 5 people / 3 vehicle parking at any given time during your stay), please do calculate your weekly guest option at 1 guest.
5To hold your reservation, we require a deposit Visa or MasterCard (via PayPal), Bank Draft, Certified Cheque, INTERAC e-Transfer within Canada (Canadian citizen via Canadian financial institution).